Travelling often for love and life, I am lucky enough to call photographing people my job. My passion is to document your unique story so that your legacy can live on for generations through gorgeous photography.

I started on this creative journey by photographing the ones I love on special occasions. With no rules or schedules or even expectations, just me myself and my camera, I had the chance to experiment and explore my craft, to be part of the party and the goings-on and to watch life unfold naturally and harmoniously. These early moments gave me the total creative freedom I needed to explore. This way of doing things has formed my professional approach to this day.

I am your best friend, your cousin, your sister, who happens to have a couple of good cameras and knows what to do with them to capture your beautiful memories forever. Photography brings me endless joy and is a job for life.

There is no right way to go about this thing called life - everybody's journey is unique. The simple, honest and healthy life is what makes me happiest, most alive, and most like myself. Drinking oat milk flat whites on our sunny balcony, checking on my homegrown tomatoes, walking on the beach at sunset, hiking in the mountains, trying out new food, learning Spanish, exploring islands and enjoying time with loved ones at the end of a working day. These are the things that bring me joy and I can't wait to hear what makes you happy! 


I'm Hannah Hutchins

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YOUR Story will be Different from the Last, and This IGNITES My Passion all over again.

I am constantly inspired by the amazing humans I get to photograph. Getting to listen to stories about love and life, whilst exploring new places and being invited into situations I would never be in if it wasn't for my camera is the greatest inspiration and also motivation. Being a photographer is a constant adventure and I am so grateful that I get to call this creative passion of mine my job.

I started my photography journey by documenting everyday life, as I saw it, for most of my childhood. I have thousands of photographs of my younger sibling growing up, my friends and I exploring young adulthood and my grandparents final years - these are my most prized possessions and ones I will cherish forever and always.

I wholeheartedly believe that everybody has a unique story to tell and that everyone deserves their story to be brilliantly documented with photography. It is the ultimate privilege to be asked to photograph someone else's story. I jump for joy every time I get asked, that excitement never goes away.

My style is natural, unobtrusive and honest. I shoot with a documentary and candid style, which was developed when I studied for a BA photojournalism and documentary photography in London (2013-16). My photos will help you relive your special day for years and generations to come.

Photography is an investment you will never regret.

what inspires me

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love always wins


- The first magical rays of sunlight in the morning.
- Oat milk flat whites.
- Fresh air and walks, even better if dogs are involved.
- Dinner parties with home-cooked vegetarian food.
- Photographing at golden hour.
- Thai food.
- Stepping off a plane into a warm country.
- Eucalyptus.
- Italian food.
- Wondering around weekend markets.
- Islands, the small partially deserted kind.
- Mountains.
- Crème Brûlée - (i have a funny story to tell).
- Hiking with a breeze.
- Living life fully.
- Photographing those moments you never want to forget.
- Stepping outside of my comfort zone.
- Growing my own tomatoes and cucumbers.

That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we are all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories - and hopefully yours too!


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honoring the simple life

THINK of me as the BEST friend you never knew you NEEDED

I photograph those little moments, the glances, the interactions, the mannerisms that are so important to you. I photograph without interference, I'm a calm and natural photographer. I move with the flow, but I'm there if you need me ready to help with anything you need. Think of me as not just your photographer but as a sister or best friend you never knew you needed, I'll be both there in the centre of it all and like a wallflower behind the scenes capturing those candid photographs of details you never want to forget.

Capturing a collection of photographs that truly represents the spirit and voice of your unique story is what I do best. If you are looking for a true representation of real-life and all the brilliance that comes from the moments you don’t plan for, I am the photographer for you. I won't miss a moment.

A certain type of magic appears in photographs when you become vulnerable and trust the process. You may not have been photographed before and are apprehensive to let a stranger into your life, I get it, it can be a scary prospect, but I am here to help you relax. Allow your hair to fly around in the wind and your children to run around your feet - it is all part of the journey and what makes you, you. I will gently direct and guide you when taking portraits, but for the most part, you won't know I'm even there taking photographs.

By letting me into your life and allowing me to see the true you, you will help me to create real and lasting memories for you to look back on forever.


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What to expect

MY Philosophy

My ultimate goal is for your unique and wonderful story to live on for generations through beautiful photography. I truly believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that everyone deserves heirloom photography. It is an art form that everyone can relate to. I haven't once met someone who hasn't got at least one cherished photograph.

I am your best friend, your cousin, your sister, who just happens to have a couple of really good cameras and knows what to do with them to capture your memories forever.

Photography brings me endless joy and is a job for life, I never take it for granted.

Not JUST a photographer — a VISUAL storyteller. 

" Hannah is incredibly talented! She took our pictures in a park near our home, she made us feel SO comfortable around her and around the camera."

may 2021

Alexandra & Alberto


Kind Words from my couples



"Hannah es una excelente profesional. Tiene una gran sensibilidad tanto para captar un instante bonito como para hacerte sentir muy cómoda ante su cámara."

MAY 2021

Tere & Manolo


Kind Words from my couples



"Hannah creates magic. She has captured the most special moments of us."


Rodriguez Family


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Let's create some magic


TRAVELLING the world for LOVE. Photographing YOUR unique story in a NATURAL and HONEST way.