Kazz Morohashi for Norwich University of the Arts

As part of a commissioned photographic project with Norwich University of the Arts, aiming to update their prospectus photography and get a bank of photographs to use in promotional content, I got the pleasure of photographing Kazz Morohashi at the NUA 3D studios. Kazz is an artist interested in social engagement design and has recently started a PHD in Museum Learning Design at NUA.

Kazz is particularly interested in designing creative and interactive experiences that offer wider public access to learning and discoveries. A Japanese-born American who now also holds British nationality, Kazz is drawn to ideas on how we each define our culture, identity and individuality. She enjoys working with a diverse range of audiences including children and hard-to-reach communities.

Underpinned by theoretical and applied research, Kazz uses design thinking approach to explore ways of engagement that are unique, involving and meaningful to our contemporary expectations and lifestyles. She is inspired by collaborative initiatives that explore creative ways of addressing social and ethical concerns.

Currently, Kazz is developing her award-winning children’s heritage mapping project, ‘Go Walkeez!’. Walkeez! encourages children and families to actively seek and discover new interpretations on heritage using a specially designed Walkeez dog and an interactive app. Using the strengths of both the real world and digital experiences, Walkeez! places the importance of heritage as an integral part of informing our individual and shared values.

Nov 20, 2020

Hannah Hutchins

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