Why I became a photographer

Growing up in Norfolk (UK) I was surrounded by nature and community – my childhood 100% formed my love of genuine connection.⁠

⁠I always wanted that genuine connection to stay, I never wanted it to disappear or hideaway when I needed it. Photographs were a constant reminder of good times, of good memories – always there to have a look at when having a bad day.⁠

I truly believe that everyone has a story to tell and the 24 hour time window of Snapchat or Instagram stories, or even this post, denies us of telling REAL stories to each other.⁠

Real photographs, the printed kind, stick around. Real photographs are there after 24 hours. Real photographs have positive emotions attached to them, whether or not it received a certain amount of likes or was shared and saved. Who’s with me?⁠

For that reason, I am so committed to documenting your memories with my camera, because let’s face it, my family have had enough pictures taken of them by now 😉⁠

I believe that having a “why” is so important and is the thing that will keep you going, especially when things get difficult.⁠

Mine is at the foundation of everything I do and it’s so uplifting to see so many people impacted by photographs I take of them.⁠

I would continue to photograph and document people and their stories even if I never earned another penny from it.⁠

I’m curious, what’s YOUR why? What gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you going when things get difficult? What would you still do every day even if you weren’t paid (in the conventional sense) for it?⁠

Apr 27, 2021

Hannah Hutchins

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