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Alicante Destination Wedding | Laura & Ismael

A wedding at Basilica de Santa Maria in Alicante is a perfect location for your special day, and that is where Laura and Ismael chose to have their newlywed portraits taken.

We also wandered down to Ajuntament d’Alacant (Alicante town hall) and enjoyed the historical streets surrounding this historical city centre.

Booking an Alicante based wedding photographer for this memorable moment in your life is the perfect way to document your special day. Get in touch and learn more about my Alicante wedding photography packages here.


Book a photographer you love

Everyone’s idea of destination weddings is different. Most couples tend to have only a couple of their closest friends and family present when eloping. Whilst some couples invite everyone they know and see who can make it. Whether you want to create an intimate and unique atmosphere or have a wild party on a Greek island – you will 100% want to remember every moment. Booking a photographer who you click with is super important when planning your Alicante destination wedding. Planning who is going to take your wedding photographs should be one of your first steps. Check out my free guide to choose the right photographer for you, here!

Choose your dream location

Your dream location may be in the middle of Vegas. Or maybe it is at the top of a remote mountain in Valencia, Spain! Sit down and brainstorm all your favourite places you have ever visited together as a couple. See if any of your favourite places could make a fantastic location for your elopement.

Check local wedding laws and whether you need a marriage license

This is such an important one! Not every country will legally allow you to marry without having a resident’s permit or passport. You will need to check local laws before you get your heart set on your dream destination wedding location.

Include guests in your ceremony

Just because you are having your destination wedding, doesn’t mean you have to leave your favourite people off your wedding guest list! Don’t feel obligated or pressured to invite anyone you don’t want. Have your plans in place before the invites. Your wedding day should be uniquely about you and your partner, don’t plan around your guest’s preferences. 

Prepare for all weather

You never know what waterfall you may want to jump in spontaneously. Make sure you have a few bags of clothes in your car! Jumpers and hats are good ideas if you are planning to have your wedding in the winter.

Snacks and water

Especially if you are planning on having an adventure wedding ceremony at the top of a mountain, be sure to pack snacks and water. Adventure mountain climbing is hard work! You want to stay hydrated and fresh so you can experience your elopement to the fullest. Even better, make a reservation at your favourite restaurant before or after your ceremony. Be sure to tell them it is your wedding day, so you get the best table!

Handwritten vows

Writing your vows is a unique way to express your love to your partner; these will be cherished forever.


Wedding flowers are not only beautiful to look at and smell but form part of your outfit for your destination wedding day. Afterwards, why not preserve the bouquet preserving them in resin. There are some amazing artists out there who will do this for you. Getting married in Alicante? Check out my favourite florist, Daisy Chain Florist, here.

TOP TIP: Fresh flowers are not found easily in southern Spain. If you are used to UK supermarkets and florists, don’t expect to be able to find bouquets easily. Even ‘Floristerias’ (florists) stock limited fresh flowers. I highly recommend you plan in advance if you want a wedding bouquet.

Ceremony length

Destination weddings are all about YOU and how you want to do your wedding day. If you want your ceremony to be a short 10 minutes, plan for that. If you want it to be an hour, with music and readings, do it!

Celebrate with a first dance

First dances are super special. Just because you’re having your wedding abroad, it doesn’t mean you have to miss this tradition out! Be it with your photographer capturing you or alone, this is a special moment for you both. You will need to plan the music – and if your party is somewhere remote, make it someone’s job to bring a portable speaker!

Let’s create magic together!


Mar 7, 2022

Hannah Hutchins

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