Barcelona City Autumn Wedding Elopement at Teatre Grec. An open-air theatre in the Montjuïc hill in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. By English photographer Hannah Hutchins

Barcelona Teatre Grec Wedding | Ylenia & Aitor

Barcelona is unique due to its close proximity to the sea, the mountains, and nature so you are among some of the best in Spanish culture.

My time with Ylenia and Aitor was exceptional. We chose to photograph their wedding portraits around Montjuïc, a hill in Barcelona in the El Poble-sec area. I location-scouted this area and fell in love with the many photographic opportunities I discovered leading up to the wedding.

The Destination

Montjuïc castle and the lesser-known, but still unique, Teatre Grec were brilliant backdrops to Ylenia and Aitor’s wedding portraits. We wanted to create unique wedding photographs and at the same time, show we were in Barcelona.

Booking a Spanish-based wedding photographer for this memorable moment is the perfect way to document your special day. Get in touch and learn more about my Barcelona wedding photography packages here.


  1. Book a photographer you love

    Everyone’s idea of a destination wedding is different. Most couples tend to only have a couple of their closest friends and family present when eloping. Whether you want to create an intimate and unique atmosphere or have a wild party on a Greek island, you will 100% want to remember every moment. Booking a photographer who you click with is super important when planning your destination wedding because you will be spending a lot of the day with them. It should be one of your first steps. Check out my free guide to choosing the right photographer for you, here!

  2. Choose your dream location

    Your dream location may be in the middle of Vegas or at the top of a remote mountain in Spain. Sit down and brainstorm all your favourite places you have ever visited together. Write down why they hold meaning to you as well as your memories from that place. This way you can see all the reasons why you fell in love with each location and why it will make a fantastic elopement destination.

  3. Check local wedding laws and whether you need a marriage license

    This is such an important one! Not every country will legally allow you to marry if you do not have a resident’s permit or passport. You will need to check local laws before you get your heart set on your dream destination for your wedding.

  4. Include guests in your ceremony

    Just because you are having a destination wedding it doesn’t mean you have to leave your favourite people off your wedding guest list! By all means, don’t feel obligated or pressured to invite anyone you don’t want there. Have your plans in place before the invites and as a result, your wedding day will stay uniquely about you and your partner. Don’t plan around your guest’s preferences. 

  5. Prepare for all weather

    You never know what waterfall you may want to jump in spontaneously or what the sky might have in store for you. So make sure you have a few bags of clothes in your car, including jumpers and hats, if you are planning to have your wedding in the winter.

  6. Snacks and water

    If you are planning on having an adventure wedding ceremony at the top of a mountain, snacks and water will be essential. Adventure mountain climbing can be hard work. As a result, you, as well as your guests will want to stay hydrated and fresh to experience your elopement to the fullest. Even better, why not make a reservation at your favourite restaurant before or after your ceremony? Tell them it is your wedding day this way you get the best table!

  7. Handwritten vows

    Whilst common in places like the U.S. we don’t often hear of couples writing their own vows in the UK. However, writing your vows is a unique way to express your love to your partner and they will be cherished forever.

  8. Flowers

    Wedding flowers are not only beautiful to look at and smell but will also form part of your outfit, for your destination wedding day. If you want a keepsake from your wedding, keep the bouquet because there are some amazing artists out there who can preserve them in resin. Getting married in Barcelona? Check out my favourite florist here

  9. Ceremony length

    Destination weddings are all about YOU and how you want to do your wedding day. If you want your ceremony to be a short 10 minutes then plan for that. If you want it to be an hour, with music and readings then do it!

  10. Celebrate with a first dance

    First dances are super special and just because you’re having your wedding abroad doesn’t mean you have to miss this tradition! Be it with your photographer capturing you or alone, this is a special moment for you both. You will need to plan the music ahead of time because you want to ensure songs from your relationship are included. If your party is somewhere remote, make it someone’s job to bring a portable speaker!

Let’s create magic together!


Jan 18, 2022

Hannah Hutchins

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