Best Places To Take Engagement Photos in Alicante

You have gotten engaged, and it’s time to tell the world about this! It’s time to post your engagement photos, ring photos, and celebrate.

I truly believe that location is everything when planning an engagement photoshoot in Spain. You need to choose a unique and beautiful spot to showcase your love, and that breathtaking backdrop needs to be thought about in advance.

This is where you can use the help of a professional Alicante Couples Photographer! If you are looking for some of the best locations in Alicante, here are some great options. 

Playa Tamarit, Santa Pola

Playa Tamarit, Santa Pola, is a perfect place for an Alicante engagement photo shoot, if you are a beach lover. Stretching for miles, this beach is usually very busy in the summer months (July-September). Out of season, you can find it totally to yourselves. Bring a picnic, a bottle of something fizzy and settle down to watch the sunset with your love. Top tip! Hire a professional Wedding Photographer in Alicante, Spain, to capture your photos during the evening.

Parc El Palmeral, Elche

This park is full of beautiful Palm Grove and Spanish trees. This is the most beautiful, extensive, and abundant in Spain and Europe. Photos in this park, surrounded by green trees, will make your photos look stunning. Why don’t you try it out?

Parque La Marjal, San Juan, Alicante

La Marjal park is situated a short distance from the famous beach of San Juan in Alicante. This unique park is famous for its recreation and leisure among the locals. You often see dogs being walked here and children having picnic parties under the Spanish trees. You will love this location if you are looking for an urban park located not too far from bars and cafes. There is plenty of parking nearby.

Parc El Palmeral, Alicante

Parc El Palmeral, Alicante is a stunningly beautiful Palm tree park, just a brief walk or short bus ride from Alicante city. You can spend hours exploring little lakes, fountains, play parks, and more. There are some enchanting bridges over the ponds, which will be excellent engagement photography opportunities. Let’s visit together!

Wedding couples photoshoot in Parc El Palmeral, Alicante, Spain
Engagement Photoshoot in Parc El Palmeral, Alicante, Spain

San Juan Playa, Alicante

San Juan Playa is a beautiful long white sand beach lined with shops, restaurants, and resorts. You can explore the beach (Playa) on foot or on a bicycle ride. There are plenty of bicycle rental shops nearby.

Santa Bárbara Castle, Alicante

The famous Castel of Santa Barbara is located on Mount Benacantil and is situated around 166 meters from sea level. You can enjoy a mesmerizing view of Alicante’s Bay whilst also learning about the history of Alicante from the top of Santa Bárbara Castle. Perhaps even visit the bar at the top, perfect for sunsets and a drink!

Mirador del Faro de Santa Pola

At Mirador de Santa Pola, you have a stunning view of Alicante Bay and Tabarca Island from around 100 meters above sea level. This location is perfect for an adventurous couple, couples who don’t mind a little wind and are ready to embrace nature. Sometimes, if you are lucky, paragliding might be taking place above you, this is a truly unique engagement photoshoot location.

Mirador de Santa Pola Wedding Engagement Photoshoot with English Speaking photographer Hannah Hutchins
Mirador de Santa Pola Wedding Engagement Photoshoot


Guadalest is a Valencian town located in the mountains, with a fascinating history and stunning views, just a short drive from the seaside historical town of Altea. Are you visiting on a hot summer’s day? Why not try out the local outdoor swimming pool recently renovated to a high standard. You will swim with the fabulous Guadlest castle in view!

Isla de Tabarca

Isla de Tabarca is the closet island to Alicante. Take a water taxi (around €10 return) from Santa Pola harbour, and you will be on the island within 20 minutes. Bring a picnic or plan to sample some traditional paella. The historical streets make brilliant backdrops for your Spanish engagement photoshoot. I personally think the selling point of visiting this island is the ocean! Bring some goggles or snorkelling gear and have your Alicante Engagement Photographer take some pictures of you in the water. Keep an eye out for the fantastic fish swimming past!

I have loved putting together my top favourite locations for your engagement photo shoot in Alicante and surrounding areas. Please do reach out to me if you have any further questions. If you choose to hire the best Alicante Wedding Photographer, you know who to contact!

Alicante Engagement Photoshoot in San Juan, Spain

Jun 23, 2021

Hannah Hutchins

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