David Piper Voice Actor Branding Photoshoot Altea Hills Alicante Spain

Altea Hills Editorial Photoshoot: Voice Actor

Personal branding photography is such an important part of any business, whatever size. David Piper, a Voice Actor from America, understood the importance of his personal branding. He asked me to capture the essence of what he does, Voice Acting. With a 2-hour editorial photoshoot at his office in the Altea Hills, Alicante.

Before the photoshoot, David had thought about his marketing message and the type of photography setups he wanted. This enabled us to use our time together wisely.

After the photo shoot, David surprised me with such a glowing reference! Listen below. ⤵️

Hannah Hutchins Photography

Why do I need branding photography? What photographs do I need?

Want to know the best way to decide what branding photographs you need? Firstly, start thinking about the feeling you want your customers to feel when they look at your website or your social media. Who is your customer buying into? The right branding photography can be the difference between a customer using your services or choosing a competitor’s.

Where do I put my branding photographs?

Branding photography can be used on your business’ website and social media. You can also incorporate your photographs into newsletters, app features and printed marketing. Why not get creative with your headshots and bring your personality into your photographs? With a captured laugh, a branded mug or a business tool you’re never seen without?

Get in touch today to discuss your brand photography. I’d love to capture what makes your business stand out.

Dec 1, 2022

Hannah Hutchins

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