Langley School Branding Photoshoot

It was great fun to be asked to do an Autumnal branding photo shoot in Norwich, Norfolk, for Langley School – an HMC independent co-educational day, weekly, Flexi to full boarding school.

I disagree with the rule that you should never work with children or animals!

I had a great time creating photographs with the pupils and learning about their school and what they love about it. That, combined with my initial discussions with the leadership team, gave me an insight into the ethos of Langley and how I could capture that through photographs.

Branding Photography Norwich

I wanted potential applicants of Langley to see how the children who attend feel when they are there. Rather than the usual ‘school photo’ set up of sometimes stiff-looking shots, the type where everyone is pointing at something on a page – you definitely know the type! The photos of Langley School needed to show the amazing curriculum and reassure parents that if their children did attend, they would be in a happy environment with great school friends.

Branding Photography Norwich

This is the very reason why I stress the importance of brand photography. The right photos can tip a parent toward applying for a school or elsewhere. The right photo can showcase what goes on behind closed doors and open your clients up to who you are as a school, a business, a charity etc.

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Branding Photography Norwich
Branding Photography Norwich

Dec 16, 2022

Hannah Hutchins

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