Wedding couple photographs at Mirador del Faro de Santa Pola, Alicante

The most unique June Wedding at Mirador del Faro de Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain

When Maria and Vincente got in touch and explained their wedding day photoshoot vision I couldn’t wait to photograph them both. This wedding day wasn’t quite the normal wedding day that you would expect… read on to find out more about this unique photoshoot.

To start this story, you need to know that Maria has 7 wedding dresses, which she bought 5 years ago, and still hadn’t got married! In her own words… “The reason I have so many dresses is that I couldn’t decide on which one to buy…so I got all of them!” You also need to know that they have tried to get married for 5 years, and every time they made their all-important plans, big hurdles were unexpectedly thrown their way.

Firstly, their ideal wedding day location was, in the end, impossible to navigate. The dream location for Maria, was in the middle of a very special Danish forest, next to the sea where her grandparents used to live. She had fond memories growing up there, but this location turned out to be impossible to get married at. They had to make a plan b.

After their Danish wedding plans were put on permanent hold, they decided to get married in Alicante, Spain, where they live with their children. Unfortunately, the venues didn’t have any availability for the dates they had planned to tie the knot.

The perfect family home then came on the market in Alicante, so they took the opportunity to buy the house.

In April of 2020, Covid19 took hold of Spain and the country went into full military lockdown. At this point, Maria was about to give birth. So, in the middle of one of the harshest lockdowns Europe saw, Maria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As Maria and Vincente explained to me… their plans to get married is “a never-ending story”.

Meanwhile, the bridal dresses (all seven!) were packed into boxes in the basement of their new family home. This is where I came in. Maria and Vincente may not have been able to legally get married yet, but they thought why not have the photographs anyway? Maria and Vincente went against the traditional wedding timeline, in many ways than one, and have made the utmost of the situations that were dealt with them and that were out of their control.

The backdrop to this beautiful shoot was ‘Mirador del Faro de Santa Pola’. It is so uniquely picturesque and awe-inspiring at that golden hour just before sunset. The wind was blowing and this made for some dramatic and wild photographs with Maria’s dress. I can’t wait to photograph here again soon with some more couples in Alicante.

Want to find out more about this unique Alicante location? Or do you have a question about booking a wedding photographer in Spain? Contact me here.

Jul 8, 2021

Hannah Hutchins

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