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What is the perfect time for a maternity photoshoot?

Ultimately, the answer to this is entirely up to you, the parent-to-be! As a maternity and newborn photographer, my main goal is to ensure you are relaxed, present, and happy to be photographed. A photoshoot is all about documenting you and your growing bump. You want to look back and remember the happy memories of being pregnant.

I recommend paying attention to your body, and when you feel comfortable would be the best time for you. However,  be cautious that waiting too long in your pregnancy could result in a photo shoot where you feel tired and uncomfortable. I always recommend earlier is best!

If you’re looking for the classic ‘bump’ photograph, I recommend booking your maternity photographer to capture you between your 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, around 29-32 weeks. For your first pregnancy, this may be a little later. If you are carrying multiple babies, you may want to book your maternity session a little earlier.

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Where should I have my maternity photoshoot?

Indoor vs outdoor? Home vs studio? The important decision!

Deciding where to have your maternity photoshoot is important. It would help if you considered where you feel most comfortable and where you want to be documented. Do you have a favourite location in nature or a favourite memorable hotel or cafe you’d like to revisit? Locations for photoshoots are endless; if you are looking for a photographer and location advice in Alicante, Spain, why not check out my blog “Best places for an outdoor family photoshoot in Alicante” for some inspiration? Your pregnancy photographer should be able to offer you lots of inspiration to find the right place for your maternity photoshoot. 

How can I personalise my maternity photoshoot?

In my experience as a maternity photographer, the best photographs are always the ones that have a personal element to them. Whether this is obvious to everyone who views your photos or whether it’s a hidden treasure or sentimental location. These added extras are always precious when looking back on your family photographs.

  1. Have the photoshoot in your home. Surrounded by your home comforts and familiar surroundings, there is nothing more personal than an at-home pregnancy photoshoot.
  2. Bring props that are special and sentimental to you and your spouse.
  3. Bring your pets!
  4. Involve other family members. Whether this is your other children or parents, some couples like to document this time in their lives with their loved ones surrounding them. An idea of when to capture this would be at a baby shower.

How far in advance should I schedule and book my maternity photographer?

When you are around 12 weeks, reach out to your photographer to book your maternity photos. For instance, professional newborn photographers in Barcelona or London tend to book their calendars out far in advance, so if you have someone in mind, be aware they may have limited availability. Reach out to your favourite photographer early to avoid disappointment. Book a chat here. This is something you can discuss with your maternity photographer.

Why do people get maternity photos?

  1. To savour every moment: Your maternity pictures will be a token of the time you spent carrying your baby and a snapshot of the environment you want to remember.
  2. Your story is unique: You are in the most natural and beautiful phase of your life. The question should be, why not?! By letting me into your life for just a few hours, I will be able to create real and lasting memories for you to look back on forever. These photographs will stand the test of time and become part of your legacy. Let a professional pregnancy photographer capture this time for you.
  3. Self-care: A perfect moment to indulge in self-care before your baby arrives. Spend time doing the things that make you happy and relaxed before your photoshoot. Take yourself out for breakfast or lunch, have a  bath, get your hair done, exercise, and stretch. As a professional maternity photographer, I love it when my mothers-to-be have spent time enjoying their day before we meet. The photographs we create together are always so much more relaxed and carefree!
Vivood Landscape Hotel Maternity Photoshoot Valencia Alicante Spain

Should I take my own maternity photos?

Many people believe they don’t need to hire a professional photographer to photograph them… but I disagree entirely; here’s why.

It can be easy to buy into this theory because, let’s face it, it is so incredibly easy to take a photograph these days! 

Photography has come on a long way in 100 years. Gone are the days when you had a box brownie film camera and had to send your whole camera off in the post to get developed! With an anxious wait to see if you even got one photograph in focus. Or even proportionally correct of your best friend’s wedding day or the day you realise you had fallen in love with your partner.

Nowadays, you constantly see photographs online and on social media that someone has taken without experience. You may also take lots of photographs yourself. Your friends take photographs of you, and you have a self-timer for those cute selfies on the beach at sunset. But! that doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a photographer is obsolete and unnecessary.

Great photographs capture the real essence of a moment and are also a contemporary portrait, piece of art, or a modern heirloom.

A professional maternity photographer will ensure that you look your best. You won’t have to worry about the angles, lighting, composition, editing, or online gallery! Once you have delivered your baby, you will miss the beautiful bump you carried for almost a year. Amid all the swollen ankles and achy feet, you will see the beautiful side of your pregnancy afterwards. When you view your maternity photographs, your future self will be glad you hired a professional photographer.

As a professional pregnancy photographer in Alicante, Spain, I photograph maternity shoots with spouses. This offers you a great chance to make your bond together stronger. Many of the couples I photograph comment afterwards, saying how great a date night was. They enjoyed the quality time together, snuggling up and getting close, enjoying each other’s company, knowing that this season of their life together was being captured professionally – without needing a self-timer or a selfie!

How much does a maternity photoshoot cost?

Each photographer has their own set of costs. My services start at 290 for local photoshoots. Click here to see all my packages.

If you’re looking for a photographer in Spain, contact me! I photograph across Valencia (Alicante, Elche, Altea, Javea, Denia) and regularly visit Barcelona. Be sure to contact me to see my upcoming travel dates.

Aug 31, 2021

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