Five reasons to book a sunrise photoshoot

Sunrise photo shoots can be a great way to capture beautiful, romantic moments. Alicante, Spain, is an excellent location for your special moments.

Alicante is known for its stunning sunrises. They are effortlessly mirrored in the water of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby mountain ranges. Want to remember these stunning landscapes forever? A sunrise photo shoot in Alicante is a great way to capture your memories. The natural light of the rising sun gives a warm, golden hue to your photographs. Sunrises make perfect time for special occasions like engagements, weddings, or anniversaries to be captured by a professional local photographer.

Here are my personal top five reasons you should consider booking a sunrise photoshoot in Alicante, Spain with a professional English speaking photographer ⬇️

  1. Alicante boasts a variety of picturesque scenes, from the Mediterranean Sea and the Santa Barbara Castle to the palm-lined promenades and the historical old town – a perfect backdrop for a sunrise photoshoot.
  2. What time is sunrise? Early! Especially in the summer. I personally think that’s the beauty of these photoshoots! A sunrise photoshoot in Alicante is an experience you will never forget – you will be some of the only people walking around the old town or strolling the beach. This is a unique experience in the summer months, one you can’t get on a tour bus!
  3. Unique light. Sunrises naturally create a film-worthy beautiful atmosphere for your photos. Effortlessly.
  4. Alicante has many experienced English-speaking photographers who know the city and surrounding areas well. A professional photographer will be able to help you relax and come away with your memories captured forever. Discover how to book an Alicante-based photographer here.
  5. Alicante is an excellent destination for a photoshoot. Why? Alicante airport and train station connect your effortlessly across the rest of Spain and Europe. Only have a few days for a short city break? Alicante is your place. You can maximise your time there and get some great photos. Check out these wedding galleries for inspiration.

Discover how to book your perfect sunrise photoshoot here.

Sunrise Wedding Elopement in Alicante Spain

Mar 1, 2023

Hannah Hutchins

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