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Family photoshoot locations in Alicante

Having professional family photographs of you and your loved ones is a fail-safe way to preserve your precious memories forever and always. However, a good picture is nothing without a brilliant location and an excellent Alicante based family photographer

I have explored many outdoor locations in Alicante and have discovered beautiful spots for family photoshoots. These places offer you and your family a chance to admire the natural beauty of Alicante while experiencing a professional family photographer document your time together. 

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So, what are these fantastic outdoor family photoshoot locations in Alicante? Let’s find out:

Parc El Palmeral, Alicante

Most Alicante family photographers vote for Parc El Palmeral, Alicante as an ideal location for a family photo shoot. Parc El Palmeral park has many levels and layers; while older children enjoy the dirt bike park, younger children will enjoy the play park next door. For the adults, there is a cafe serving drinks and snacks throughout the day. Hundreds of palm trees, as well as lakes and fountains, will adorn the background of your family photographs. The park is very convenient and accessible, it is is not far from the centre of Alicante.

Playa Tamarit, Santa Pola

Children love the beach, as do adults! The beach makes a perfect background for family pictures, and Playa Tamarit in Santa Pola is one of the best beach locations in Alicante for family photographs. You can have photos taken during the daytime (I suggest early morning to avoid the harsh sunlight), or why not book a photo shoot at sunset. If you have an experienced family photographer in Spain at your service, you will come away with some incredible shots from this beach.

Parc El Palmeral, Elche

Another beautiful location filled with greenery all year round is Parc El Palmeral. Located in the town of Elche, just 20 minutes from Alicante by car, Parc El Palmeral is home to picturesque Palm groves, the largest in Europe! With endless background possibilities, this park makes a perfect location for your family portraits when visiting Elche.

English family photographer Alicante Valencia

Parque La Marjal, San Juan, Alicante

The Parque La Marjal in San Juan, Alicante, is a renowned recreation and leisure park located just a short distance from Alicante city. Why not plan a picnic with your family and enjoy spending the day under the amazing Spanish trees, playing games with your children. If you want some contemporary photographs, you should choose this urban park. Parque La Marjal is ideal if you have pets that you want to be part of the family portrait session.

Mirador del Faro de Santa Pola

Want to admire Alicante and Isla deTabarca in their full glory? Well, why not view these locations from above! Why not arrive for your family photoshoot at sunset? The views are incredibly mesmerizing at golden hour. If you want a family picture laced with the beauty of nature at its greatest, you definitely should choose this outdoor location. You could even try paragliding off the hilltop for families who are adventure enthusiasts!

San Juan Playa, Alicante

If you love a beautiful white sand beach, then San Juan Playa is your place. You can spend the entire day here as your family enjoys visiting the historic old town and eating out in some charming tapas bars. Children will love this location. Why not rent a bike and explore the entire beachfront with your family photographer?

English family photographer Alicante Valencia


Want to choose a mountainous background for your family pictures? There is nothing better than the town of Guadalest, just 25 minutes by car from Altea. This municipality has fantastic historic areas mixed with forest landscapes, making a flawless backdrop for family pictures immersed in nature and culture. A family photographer based in Alicante can easily capture the beauty of the surroundings and your family’s uniqueness.

Isla de Tabarca

Leaving this one out of the list would have been inappropriate. Isla de Tabarca has the best marine fauna and beach in the region. The boat ride to the island is great fun for children and adults alike. Once you have arrived, visit the lighthouse, and take a walk through the old town, the main square and its adjoining streets. Isla de Tabarc is such a beautiful and unique location for family photographs. Why not pack your snorkels and jump in the sea for some amazing family pictures underwater! 

These are just a small selection of my favourite top locations for family photography in Alicante. All these outdoor locations offer you a chance to nurture your family bond, have some fun and make loving memories. All you need is the expertise of an Alicante family photographer so you can sit back and relax, knowing your memories are in good hands.

Aug 25, 2021

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